Construction quality

On the first floor of the old part of the house, all the prerequisites for a café or restaurant have been created. Everything is in place, from the utility rooms to the ventilation system.
Floors 2-4 are for apartments. There are four apartments on each floor, and on the top floor of the building there are four two-level apartments.

The roof of the house is protected by new white tiles and held in place by a solid ribbon foundation. All of the load-bearing walls of limestone or brick have been preserved. The partition walls are designed in reinforced concrete and the ceilings are up to 3.40 m high.

Terraced balconies have been built on the courtyard façade of the building and on the fourth floor there are loggias on the street side of the building. The house has wooden doors and double-framed double-glazed windows that provide good sound insulation.

The apartments in the Uuskarja residence are connected to Tallinn's district heating system. The apartments have a comfortable and energy-efficient room-by-room water floor heating. High-quality air exchange is ensured by an apartment-specific forced ventilation system with heat adjustment.